Monday, April 27, 2015

Cover Reveal: The Black Knife Novellas by Jodi Meadows

Ahh. Sharing the covers for all these four gorgeous novellas today. And oh, how they are stunning. I loved The Orphan Queen so much. And I am dying to know more about Black Knife in these novellas :D The first novella is The Hidden Prince. Which will be out on June 2nd. <3 I cannot wait! The second one, The Glowing Knight, is coming September 1st :D And the third, The Burning Hand, is coming December 1st. <3 It sounds so epic. And finally, The Black Knife, February 1st, most likely :D Oh, how I am excited for all four novellas. Most excited about the sequel, The Mirror King, coming out in March next year, though. <3 It will be the bestest. Sniffs. I'm just dying to know what happens next. So worried. Yet so excited, as I'm sure Jodi is writing it perfectly :D Also, Jodi Meadows is all kinds of glorious. You all need to follow her. She's the kindest. <3 I'm not sharing the summary for these four novellas, because, well, there aren't any. Hmph. I'm sharing Jodi's Amazon link below, though she is sharing all the pre-order links on her website. <3 What do you think of these? Aren't they awesome? :D I cannot wait for June.

The first of four novellas to The Orphan Queen, about the origin of the vigilante Black Knife. 
Also known as the Black Knife novellas.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Swag Giveaway

Hi all you lovely people. <3 It's been too long since I've hosted my own giveaway. I can't afford to ship a book yet, but in a few months I shall be giving away some ARCs. For today, though, I'm giving away a swag pack :D It's open to everyone. There will be one winner. Some of this gorgeous swag is signed by the author. <3 And I think all of it looks oh so precious. Wanted to do this giveaway because you are all amazing. Thank you all for following my blog and twitter and everywhere and for always leaving so kind comments :) You guys are the bestest. Thank you for making blogging that much better. <3 Hope you won't think this price is too little :) Best of luck to you all. <3 You are able to earn a total of 24 entries :)

There will be one winner.
Must respond to email within 48 hours.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

In My Mailbox #182

Last week I read three books, this week I read three books. I'm good with that. Wishing I could read more, but also feel like I never have time for reading these days. Ack. And when I read, I fall so far behind on my laptop :p Yet reading is still the best. Anyway. This week has been good. Furious 7 last Saturday was all kinds of amazing. I loved it a whole lot. This week I also saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I also loved, but was angry about that one person dying. Ugh. I didn't get that many books this week, sigh, but I did get a whole bunch of movies that I ordered. Ack. So much love for it all, though. I still haven't heard anything from the damn hospital. It has been four weeks since my x-ray. I should have been in surgery by now. I hate waiting. Because I still cannot go swimming. Or training. I just. I want it done with. But only one woman I can talk to at the hospital, and she is never ever picking up the phone. We have tried so many times. I'm getting sick of it. Ugh. Shall try again this upcoming week. Fingers crossed. This week I read Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke, which sort of really sucked. I posted another awesome Cress Tuesday. <3 I'm waiting on A Curious Tale of the In-Between. I shared the gooorgeous covers for A Gathering of Shadows. <3 And then I decided to re-read The Burning Sky and then The Perilous Sea :D Oh, how I love these books. Sigh. Go buy them. What did you get this week?

Rook. I'm really curious about this book. And so nervous. Just hoping that it will be amazing for me :D
Legend. Ah. I had to get two of this goorgeous graphic novel edition. It is gorgeous. Loved the book.
Harrison Squared. Thank you so much Leah at Tor Books for this one. <3 Have not heard of it before, at all, but it do look pretty good. Not sure when I will find the time to read it.. hopefully one day soon :)
Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures. YAY for pre-orders :D Precious arrived today. Reading soon. <3
The Golden Compass: Lyra. Meeek. I want all the movie merch from this. But it has been so many years since it was. Sobs. But I found this on Amazon :D And Lyra is oh so cute. I love it a whole lot. <3 Sigh.
Frozen. I had to buy these figures. Though they are not as pretty as I thought. Hmph. But still a bit cute.
Joyride Swag. Eeek! Thank you Anna. <3 The personalized bookplate is the sweetest, hih, I love it :)
The Storyspinner Swag. Thank you so much Becky. <3 You are the sweetest. The map is so gorgeous :D

Supernatural. Ah. I'm blaming Courtney Summers for this purchase. She loves this show SO MUCH. And I want to love it too. I shall start watching it shortly :D I did see some of it years ago, which I liked, but then I stopped watching. Sigh. So hoping that I shall love it more this time. I'm really excited to start.
Toy Story. The gorgeous short-movies :D I have not seen them all. So I'm excited to see these too, hih.
Gone Girl. I have seen so so many love this movie. So I had to buy it. And I shall watch it pretty soonish.
Fast and Furious. I saw all of these last week. But I needed to have them in blu-ray, hih :D So pretty.
A whole bunch of games. All of these where on sale. So I had to get them, lol :D And omg. The Golden Compass! I had ordered two. I got only one :( but they have ordered me a new one. But out of stock. So I worry I won't get it.. sniffs. I need two of this game, lol. One to never touch, hah. It looks awesome.
Mad Max. I saw the trailer for Fury Road. Excited for it. So figured I could watch these movies first :D
Mamma Mia! When I re-watched this gorgeous movie weeks ago, I knew I needed to own this. Love.
Mockingjay Part 1. I had to buy this CD. As I own all the other cds. Now just missing the Score edition :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Recommendation: The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas

Oh. I didn't realize how much I needed to re-read these precious books right now. I first read The Perilous Sea last June. And I loved it oh so much. Titus has such a huge piece of my heart. I loved these books back then. But now. Having read this a second time. Oh. My love has grown so much more. I love them even more now. They just get better for each time I read them. And I love that so much. The writing is all kinds of gorgeous. The plot is so exciting. And the characters are the very best. Sigh.

I can't begin to say how much I loved The Perilous Sea. It is such a perfect sequel to The Burning Sky. We get to know so much. And it is so exciting and interesting. Every single thing. Though I was worried to re-read this beauty. Because I remembered the heartbreak. And thought it might bother me this second time. But then. I didn't remember all the details. And it didn't bother me. Sure, it still hurts my heart like crazy, but it lasts so short, and it is done so well. Yeah. I found it to be much more beautiful now.

But how to talk about this book. I just wish to share a bit about why I love it so much. And try my best to convince you all to read it. Because you really should. These two books are perfection. The romance is the very best. But everything else is amazing too. And oh, I just need you all to read these books. If you still haven't read The Perilous Sea, you really must. No need to wait. The ending is sort of cruel, but not that bad. And this book. It's so worth it. You need to love Titus as much as I do. Well, almost as much :D

There are some issues with the romance in this book. But it only lasts for such a small moment of time. And in most of the book the romance is even better and so much more than the first book. Sigh. It truly is the best part. Titus and Iolanthe are the most perfect couple. Sniffs. I love them both so much. And their romance.. it is so gorgeous. I wanted more of it at all times. They are such great friends too. Even though there is heartbreak, they still love each other so much. And it is so sweet. And sad. And perfect.

I shall not discuss much of the plot in this book. Because I can't describe it all. But damn. This book is all over the place. And in the best way. So much is happening. And I loved reading every moment of it. The Bane is stronger than ever. Doing such awful things. There are so many other characters in this book too. And I love them all to pieces. Especially their closest friends. Especially Cooper. He seemed like such a sweet young boy. Curious to know what happens to him after this book. And all the other boys.

We learn a bunch more about Titus and Iolanthe. And I loved that so much. They are the best characters. Well, Titus is still my favorite, but I still adore them both so much. I love how Titus calls her Fairfax most of the time. They are both so damn cute together. And I love the humor in this book. It is funny. And heartbreaking. And stunning. And ugh. Everything that happens in this book is perfection. Despite my small heartbreak. And even that I really loved reading about. Because it all made so much sense.

Sigh. I just cannot talk much about this book. Because I loved every single part of it. I loved reading about Titus. And his mission. And how much he loves his dead mom. And I'm so curious to get to know Dalbert more too, lol, hoping to see him in the third book. And Iolanthe. Sigh. She is just awesome. We learn more about her parents. And I loved that. Though a bit creepy too. Yet oh so awesome. I just love these characters so much. And I want only the best for them. Sniffs. I need more of them, though.

I can't say more about this book. Just that I love it so. And I'm so thrilled that I decided to re-read these two books. Because they are so special to me. And so damn perfect. Thank you for writing them Sherry. <3 You are awesome. But omg. I just do not want Titus to die. Please. I'm all kinds of worried. Ack. But I have hope. Probably. Dying to read The Immortal Heights. Which might happen next week. Oh. See you then. Though I do wish this series would be a whole lot longer than just three books :D Need more Titus.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

You have all read this book by now, yes? Because if not, then you really must. This is my third time reading The Burning Sky. And I love it a little bit more each time I read it. And oh, how I love this book. I love it so so much. It is very precious to me. The writing is all kinds of stunning. The story is amazing. The characters are the bestest. The small romance is so good. And Titus. Swoon. He is the very best boy. I'm so glad that I decided to re-read these books right now. Because I needed it. This is amazing.

I'm not sure how to talk about this gorgeous book. I'm not going to share all the details. But there are some things I would like to mention again, hih. First starting with how amazing it is. How amazing the writing is. Sherry Thomas is all kinds of awesome. And I'm so excited to read more books by her. She is also one of the kindest people I know. Anyway. Her writing is the best. And I love that so much. And I love how The Burning Sky is told from two point of views. Titus and Iolanthe. They are both perfect.

My favorite in this book is Titus. Because damn. That boy is the bestest. I love how smart he is. How protective he is. And how lonely he is. It broke my heart the most. He has no one before Iolanthe shows up. And oh. I loved getting to know Titus. I loved it so much. He is amazing. And I loved getting to see the sad parts of him. It was the best. And oh so heartbreaking. Sniffs. Yet, yeah. The very best. Titus is an amazing character. And I must know more about him. Because he is oh so amazing. Sniffs. Love him.

But I also love Iolanthe to pieces too. I love her Elemental powers. How amazing she is at it. Sigh. It's awesome to read about. I love how she first meets Titus. How she loves him right away, lol, but then hates him for a bit. I'm not sure I approved of that. Yet I did understand it. Somewhat. Thankfully, the hate part did not last long, and it was not bad to read about at all. I loved getting to know Iolanthe. Her past, her present. About her guardian too. I'm curious about him. I'm dying to know more of Iolanthe.

What I loved the most in this book is how Iolanthe has to pretend to be a boy for such a long time. It was amazing to read about. I loved how well done it was. How she was amazing at it. How no one noticed. How Titus helped her with it. And sigh. The all-boys school was great to read about. I loved getting to know the different boys there too. Though I do wish they had been closer to Titus. Sniffs. But he is still sort of friends with a few of them, which I loved. I loved her new name, Fairfax. So awesome.

There is so much to love about this book. And I cannot begin to mention it all. But damn. There is magic. And it is fantastic. There is a romance. And it is heartbreaking and swoon-worthy. There are some really bad people. Some whom hurt Titus. Which broke my heart. Ugh. Yet it was the best to read about. There are so many awesome people in this book too. But oh. Titus's mission. It is the most awful one. I do not want him to die. But I'm starting to think he might end up dead by the end. Ack. Hope not.

The Burning Sky is such an amazing book. And I couldn't have loved it more. The characters are oh so amazing. The plot is stunning. I loved reading about everything. And I just wish this book had been even longer, lol. But now I shall re-read The Perilous Sea, and I cannot wait. But also nervous, as I remember a lot of sad moments. Sniffs. Yet oh so excited. Anyway. You all need to read The Burning Sky. Because it is amazing. And so perfect. And you all need to meet Titus right away. You will not regret reading this.