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Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: My Collection

I've been wanting to share my collection of The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo for a while now. And today I'm finally doing so, hih. <3 It is pretty big. At least, I think so. And I love it all so much. Though I do wish it was even bigger :D And my collection will grow A LOT in June.. heh. More about that below all the pictures. And there will be a lot of pictures. So if you want to see them bigger, just click on them :) I have a lot of the books. A little bit of swag. And a lot of gorgeous jewelry that I bought from Hebel Design. <3 It is the best. Sigh. Also. I very much love these books by Leigh Bardugo. Ruin and Rising cannot get here fast enough. <3 And I adore Leigh as well. She's the best :) Hope you all enjoy this.

First, the books. Which is many. Yet not enough. Missing a few, still :D I have four hardcovers of Shadow and Bone. One to read. One is signed, that I won. <3 And two that are just pretty, hih. I have two hardcovers of Siege and Storm. One to read, one to look pretty. I have three US paperbacks of Shadow and Bone. Three because I am in it, kind of. My blog is. Which is all kinds of awesome. I have one UK paperback of The Gathering Dark, early name for Shadow and Bone. I also have one UK paperback of Shadow and Bone that is newer. And one Spanish paperback. And Shadow and Bone audiobook. <3 Will buy Siege and Storm one soonish. And then I have two UK paperbacks of Siege and Storm. They are gorgeous. And one ARC of Siege and Storm. And then the two German hardcovers of book one and two. Sigh. I very much love my collection. And it will get so much bigger in June. With: Three US harcovers of Ruin and Rising. One is special edition from B&N. Two UK paperbacks of Ruin and Rising. Two US paperbacks of Siege and Storm. One UK paperback of Siege and Storm. And one kindle edition. <3

And then, my swag. Parts of it. <3 Jewelry to come. And another picture of the swag below, which you should make bigger, so that you can see my gorgeous wall better, hih. This is above my bed. And I love it all so much. My signed Shadow and Bone poster of Ravka. <3 It is so gorgeous. My perfect Siege and Storm bookmarks. DIES. Only have two. And they are so damn special to me. And my note from Leigh. Sniffs. It is so perfect. Thank you, Leigh. <3 And my bookmarks from Hebel Design. I need more. But these are so pretty. Sigh. I love them so much. And my keychains from Hebel Design as well, which needed to go up on my wall, hih. And my buttons. Agh. They are so pretty. And then there are those two gorgeous notes from the UK publisher, Indigo, aka Nina. <3 Who is the best. I love being a part of the Grisha Army. And the Mal-entines card.. It is THE BEST. Close up below ;p Which you can click bigger.

Jewelry. Everything together. <3 And then below a close up picture of them. Sigh. They are PERFECT. As you can see, I have three Tracker bracelets. <3 That are bought from Hebel Design. Okay, all of this is bought from her :) She makes awesome jewelry. Then there is my Heartrender bracelet. I just had to buy it. Because, hello, gorgeous! I love it so much. I love all of this so so much. Then there are my two copies of the Stag Locket, which is BEYOND gorgeous. Cause, you know, Mal quote inside. Best quote. Swoons. Mal is the best. <3 And the gorgeous thing in the middle.. my Morozova's Collar. It is stunning. I love it so much. Sigh. All of this jewelry is amazing. I cannot wait to buy more. Which I will soonish :)

I will not go on about my love for these books. As I have done so in all of my reviews. Which are many, lol. But I will talk a little bit. I love these books so much. I just think they are unigue and exciting and just all kinds of amazing. I love reading about Alina. She's adorable. But mostly I love reading about Mal. He is my love. And you have no idea how much it breaks my heart to see people dislike him after Siege and Storm. I don't get it. Mal did nothing wrong in that book. He was hurt. I was hurt. I would have behaved the same, probably. But I won't get into that, since I have talked so much about it these days in the Grisha Re-Read discussion posts on goodreads, hih. Which I am loving, by the way. There is just so much to talk about when it comes to these books. I ship Malina so much. Just so you know. And I cannot wait for Ruin and Rising. <3 I have high hopes for that book. Along with a lot of dread, as I don't know how it will end. I worry too much. But I am beyond excited as well. June cannot get here fast enough. Anyway. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Grisha Trilogy collection :) I'm excited for it to get bigger.


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Waiting on Wednesday #132

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

(Gustav Gloom #4) BY ADAM-TROY CASTRO

Goodreads Description:

Gustav and Fernie begin their journey to the Shadow Country to save their fathers!

Fernie and Gustav leave the safety of the Gloom Mansion and begin their long journey to the Shadow Country to save their families from the evil Lord Obsidian. Aided by the magical Cryptic Carousel, Fernie and Gustav travel to lots of exotic locations as they try to locate the Shadow Country, meeting a few new foes along the way.

Featuring a unique paper-over-board cover and beautifully dark full page illustrations by Kristen Margiotta.

Hardcover, 248 pages
Expected publication: August 14th 2014 by Grosset & Dunlap
Pre-Order here.

I feel like I have waited forever for this book. And I still have to wait until AUGUST! AGH. But it will be worth it. Because I adore these Gustav Gloom books. And look at that gorgeous cover. Swoon. I love the illustrations in these books so much. Sigh. I cannot wait to read more of Gustav and Fernie. <3
What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cress Tuesday #26

I must admit that I'm loving sharing all of these Cress Tuesday teasers with you all. Because picking the teaser each week makes me love the book all over again. And makes me even more excited to be re-reading the three books in the near future. Hopefully I'll have the time for that soon, as I need to re-read more about Cinder and Kai, hih. <3 Anyway. If you haven't yet had the chance to read Cress, I'm hoping these teasers will convince you to do that :) And if you have read it, I'm hoping these teasers reminds you how amazing this book was. Sigh. You can see all the previous Cress Tuesday posts here. <3 Hope you are enjoying these (mostly) non-spoilery teasers :)


Her heart was thumping as the elevator descended. She imagined those doors opening
again onto an army of guards, their guns aimed and ready. She figured that by now they
were no doubt being watched. Thorne's distraction could only count for so much, and there
were two cameras in each elevator in the palace. The only question was how long it would
take any guards to reach them once they figured out where they were heading.
My review of Glitches. My review of The Queen's Army. My blog tour post of Cinder.

Was allowed to do this by Marissa and Macmillan; Thank you. <3 Marissa is the best. Check out her amazing website :D I'm also very much in love with the Lunar Chronicles facebook. So pretty. I hope you enjoy the teasers :) There will be one teaser each Tuesday. Can't wait for you all to read Cress :)
The teasers are now from my finished hardcover copy of Cress :D And oh, how it is gorgeous. <3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review: Rebel by Amy Tintera

I'm glad I finally started reading this book. Because I really enjoyed Rebel. Also glad that I decided to re-read Reboot first :) I think this is an amazing series. Though there are only two books. And there doesn't need to be more. But, as always, I do wish for a third book, hih. <3 But oh. I really did enjoy Rebel.

I'm not sure what I should talk about when it comes to this book. There is so much that could be spoilery. Okay, fine, I only want to write about the spoilery parts, lol. But I won't. Probably. At least not much. I'll try. But anyway. Rebel is told from the point of view of Wren and Callum. Which I loved really much.

Wren is still such an amazing character. I adored her. She changes a bit in this book. But she's still pretty amazing and yeah. I like her a lot. It makes me happy that she is honest. Honest about how she feels and what she thinks. That is a good thing. Then there is Callum. I loved getting to read from his point of view. Because, yeah, he is all kinds of awesome. I adore him. I love how.. human, he is. In a way. Since he's only a twenty two. But he isn't fully human either. Which I loved even more. Sigh. I enjoyed getting to know him a little bit more in this book. And I love how much he cares for Wren. The romance is awesome.

There are a lot of new characters in this book. Many I hated. But also a few I liked. Like Riley. I think I liked him. He was Wren's trainer a while ago. I did enjoy reading about him, at least. He was interesting. I also loved getting to see more of Addie. She's still pretty amazing. But agh. This one thing that happens with her broke my heart. So sad. And awful. Yet I couldn't help but love it. Sigh. Then there is Micah. He confused me at first. I was worried. But then I ended up hating him, which was good, lol.

There is a lot of things happening in Rebel. A lot of interesting things. And hurtful things. And oh. There is so much murder in this book. I liked it. Though I didn't care too much about those who died, hih. But it was pretty sad as well. Sigh. Anyway. We also learn more about the Reboots in this book. And I really loved that, as I think it is an amazing plot twist. I loved reading about it. Though there are also a little bit of kind-of torture in this book. It was sad. But also kind of interesting. But yes. Broke my heart.

I don't want to say too much about Rebel. But I do want to say that it is an amazing sequel. And I loved the romance parts. I was worried. I was worried about a love triangle; but there isn't any hints of that. Just so you know. Which made me beyond happy. Sigh. It also made me happy that not that much time passes in this book. That was good. Anyway. I really loved the romance between Wren and Callum. <3 It is beyond sweet. And I loved reading about it so much. I loved reading about everything in this book.

I'm unsure how to rate this book. Because while I loved it, and I didn't hate any parts of it, I also had a few small issues with the writing. Which broke my heart. I enjoyed it a lot, honest. But I also thought that it wasn't all that perfect. And it made me have some issues with connecting to the book at first. So. I'm going to rate this book with a five star. Because I did love it a lot. But it was a four point five at times. But yes. Rebel is an amazing book full of action and murder and romance. It's pretty awesome.

Huge thank you to HarperTeen for the auto-approval on Edelweiss so that I was able to read and review Rebel early. <3 Though I do wish I had read it in January. Hm. But also just happy that I finally read it, hih. As it is an amazing book. And I cannot wait to get my hardcover of it. So pretty as well. I adore the book covers for Reboot and Rebel. They are pretty and unique. Anyway. As I said, Rebel is an amazing book. And I think you will all love it. So if you read Reboot then you really need to read Rebel as well. <3

In My Mailbox #129

I did not get a lot in the mail this week. Only two books! Agh. I am shocked, lol. But it is because of this easter thing. No mail for days. And no mail today either. Sniffs. So nothing until Tuesday. But hopefully things will start arriving then; as I am waiting for a bunch of books. :) But even though I got little in the mail, I have had a lot of new blog posts. I have read a lot as well. Which makes me happy. Going to share all the new posts, hih. First, my reviews for this week: Invaded. Prisoner of Night and Fog. Shipwreck Island. Reboot. And I'm currently writing my review of Rebel, which will post in a moment. <3 Cover reveals: Talon. The Cure for Dreaming. Everblaze. Cress Tuesday. My poor Scarlet. Sniffs. And my Waiting on Wednesday. So yeah. There were a lot of new posts this week :D What did you get this week?

Sea of Shadows. I will read this book soonish, I think :D And omg. I won a signed copy! Coming soon :)
The Mark of Athena. You all know of my love for Percy Jackson. <3 Best book. Gorgeous US paperback.

I was supposed to write about this last week. But I kept forgetting :p Just luck that I just remembered it, lol. Anyway. Last week I watched two movies at the cinema. First, Noah. Which I very much liked. I thought it was a great movie. Except that I didn't like Ham. The bible isn't anything for me, so I haven't read the "real" version of this story. Just know that I enjoyed this one. Cannot wait to watch it again.

Then I also watched Divergent the next day. And I'm not sure how to feel. It was a favorite book of mine for a long time; until I read better ones, lol. But yeah. I still love that book. But this movie. I'm not sure why, but it bored me. I sat there for over two hours being bored. And waiting for it to finish :p It was pretty good, though. It was probably the best book-to-movie adaption. But I also didn't love it. Because a lot of things were different from the book. The fear landscapes were different. Especially when Tris did her test at the end, with Four wanting to sleep with her. In the movie he tried to rape her and she kneed his balls. And seriously. IT WAS NOT LIKE THAT IN THE BOOK. It annoyed the crap out of me. Sigh. Anyway. There was just so much about that movie I did not like. I didn't feel much for it. I think I liked the actors. Though not that much. I wanted Tris to have blonde hair. Was it really THAT difficult to find a blond actor?! I think not. Ugh. And Four. He did not look like I pictured him. Sigh. He's handsome. Kind of. But not really for me. Sniffs. And Tris's friends. They all looked the same. Which confused me even more. (Will, Al, Peter) And omg! Just remembered. What pissed me off even more was how many initiates there were. Waaaaay above 30. Which was not in the book. Ugh. Sorry. I was just not very happy with this movie. Maybe a 2.5 star for me. Or just a 2 star. I can't be sure. Anyway. <3

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